Welcome MyFly‘s future customers to the shortest briefing to make your air-trip skyline adventure both safety and comfortable

Follow my instructions and a pilot you’re going with

Here’s some tips and instructions below:

  • Usually flitghts start at 7 a.m., so you should come to the air field 5-10 minutes earlier.

  • We take into consideration local weather conditions when we set on departure time.

  • The other “window for departure” is between 4 p.m and 6:00 p.m, so-called “sunset departure”.

  • You should dress comfortable. Please, avoid to take any sharp or cutting objects with you. It would be better if you avoid to put on high-heeled shoes.

  • There is a comfortable sitting, smoking, chatting and taking pictures areas in our airfield. If you aren’t embarking or disembarking the airplane, you’d better considered that the other places in the airfield are covered by glowing-hot lava. I mean it would be too dangerous.

  • While embarking or disembarking the aircraft wait for the instruction of our staff and then follow them.

  • Remember MyFly’s Crew is ready to help you every moment you need it.

  • Complete all MyFly’s Crew recommendations, please. Usually they sound like “don’t touch it” or “keep silent for a moment, please”.

  • Never touch moving airplanes and spinning propellers or anything like that you’ll see the first time while being in the airfield or inside the cockpit during all time of your scenic flight. At first it would be better to ask a pilot or staff.

  • Don’t be afraid to put any questions you would like to and always feel free to ask anything whatever it would be.

  • While the takeoff and the landing, please, follow your pilot’s instructions only.

  • Your pilot give you tips for making snapshots or videos and never restrict in your activity as well.

  • When your fantastic air trip of sightseeing is over you should give feedback into TripAdvisor’s reviews or myfly.aero site!

Remember! Whatever we would be doing, it is for your safety, comfort and pleasure only.

Best regards, MyFly’s Crew.