get an overview of the ancient sanctuaries by Indra's eye!

When you see all the temples from your height with your own eyes, you will be able to decide exactly which ones you want to visit first of all.

The distances between the temples of the Angkor National Park are truly enormous. Between them there may be tens or even hundreds of kilometers. But the microlight aircraft covers these distances just in a few minutes, and from such a height in front of your eyes opens a panorama of such extraordinary beauty, that it literally take your breath away. Being on the land, you can not experience anything like this.

The excursion flights by airplane have one more important advantage. During the flight, you do not have to pine away from the tropical heat and thirst, which is very annoying to everyone who is not a permanent resident of this climatic zone. In addition, you will not need to beware of thievish monkeys, who in those places are very cleverly stealing from watchless tourists everything they can lay their little dexterous fingers on.

When visiting distant temples, pedestrians have to follow strictly the prescribed route, otherwise one can stumble upon the mines left after the war. But the ultralight airplane can fly unhindered, providing a complete overview of both the temples themselves and the surrounding landscapes.

Take a microlight flight on an airplane, and you will be able to contemplate the Cambodian landscapes of truly divine beauty!